Cherry Blossom Festival 2022 Kicking Off With Park Picnic

The popular Cherry Blossom Festival 2022 is coming back again around Vancouver. This is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the signs of spring, there are many cherry blossom trees to find all around the Metro Vancouver region. This is a popular festival that has been going on for years now and signals that spring has arrived on the West Coast in BC.


Cherry Blossom 2022 Festival Picnic

The Cherry Blossom Festival 2022 in Vancouver is expected to kick off with a picnic running from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.

When: Saturday, April 2, 2022

The Big Picnic is happening in Vancouver at David Lam Park and this helps to officially kick off the Cherry Blossom Festival 2022 event.

Picnic at David Lam Park for Cherry Blossom Festival 2022

Everyone is welcome at the Big Picnic

Everyone is welcome to attend the Big Picnic as a part of the Cherry Blossom Festival 2022 in Vancouver this year. You might see some bringing their own picnic lunch, as well there will be food trucks at the picnic to find too.

  • Opening ceremony
  • tree dedication
  • performances
  • cherry blossom photo ops

There are several reasons to attend the big picnic event in Vancouver that is happening soon on April 2 2022 at David Lam Park and above all it is to come and celebrate the beginning of one of the most colorful and highly anticipated festival events of spring in BC.

cherry blossoms in Metro Vancouver

The popular Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver is back again for 2022 and is going to kick off with this exciting community picnic happening down by the water at David Lam Park.

#TheBigPicnic 2022 in Vancouver

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cherry blossom trees around Metro Vancouver

There are a wide range of locations that have been marked on Cherry Blossom Tree maps around the Metro Vancouver region.

  • Kits Beach
  • VanDusen Botanical Garden
  • Vancouver City Hall
  • Garry Point Par
  • Granville Plaza
  • Vanier Park
  • Chilco Mini park
  • David Lam Park
  • Granville Island as well

These are some of the most popular locations to see cherry blossom trees in Vancouver. In the East Vancouver region of BC especially there are streets lined (see below) on either side with cherry blossom trees. This is one area that frequently pulls many visitors to admire those cherry blossoms during the festival and throughout spring.

You will not find any shortage of cherry blossom trees around Vancouver and the Metro Vancouver region and the popular 2022 Cherry Blossom Festival event is another chance to highlight that natural beauty in the community.

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