BC Cities Offer Help with Disposal of Large Items Through Pickup Program

Spring cleaning gets millions of people looking at what they can discard each year and make way for something new.

It is an opportunity to look around the home and to see what might be old or unused, spring is the time to do that deep cleaning and look at giving any of those unnecessary things away.

Through the pandemic it might have been difficult to drop off items in some places. But things are returning to normal now and that means normal drop off for donation items too.


Large Item Pickup Programs Around BC

Looking to get rid of some unwanted large items in BC? There are several city programs that are known as Large Item Pickup Programs that offer residents that chance to have those items picked up conveniently.

You can set an appointment and expect a time to have those unused items moved. This program offers a chance to dispose of their items for free with help from the city.

Other alternatives might have you calling junk removal services and that can be costly at times depending on what you might be looking to get rid of.

It also isn’t always doable for everyone to bring that large donation items to a specific physical drop off donation space either, especially depending on the size of the item.

The large pickup program helps residents in cities around BC be able to get rid of those used items in an easier way.

Photo by Blue Bird on Pexels.com

Different Places to Donate Used Items Around BC

There are clothing donation bins to be found, and organizations that accept some used items such as thrift stores and more. It might be easy for some to make it to these locations to give away their furniture donations and other items, but it might be difficult for others depending on their location or what they might be looking to get rid of.

The Large Item Pickup Program can be found in cities around BC like Surrey, Coquitlam, Langley, Richmond, Burnaby, and other areas.

Just look up the Large Item Pickup Program details for the city you might be interested in and book your own pickup for something you might want to finally get rid of this spring during some spring cleaning.

By looking up more details on the program in a specific area you can also find more on what are acceptable items that they might take and how many times residents might be able to utilize this program per year for items to be picked up.

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