7 Of The Best Places to Find Pulled Pork Around Vancouver

There are many great places to look around Vancouver for some fantastic pulled pork by the pound or pulled pork sandwiches, you can even find some pulled pork pancakes being served.

Here is a list of some of the best places in Vancouver for pulled pork when the craving hits.

7. Uncle Fatih’s Pizza

There are multiple locations for Uncle Fatih’s Pizza around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Order this pizza place for dinner if you want some seriously good pizza that tastes more high quality than your usual chain pizza, go with their BBQ pulled pork pizza because it is delicious.

6. Japadog

One of the best places for some quick and delicious food in Vancouver. Find some great pulled pork here in Vancouver at Japadog and go with the pulled pork poutine.

5. Lucy’s Eastside Diner

They’ve got a great macaroni and cheese pulled pork hoagie here and a great pulled pork sammie too.

Pulled pork pancakes for breakfast, anyone?

Yes you can even get some delicious pulled pork pancakes too! Who would have thought that this would seriously be such an amazing combination.


4. Mary’s on Davie

Mary’s is a classic diner in Vancouver for and they have you covered for a great pulled pork sandwich. This cute little restaurant that has been serving the area for decades and is a great place for all-day breakfast eats and good drinks.

Great patio space, great atmosphere, one of the best locations in Vancouver to go for any meal. This is a top destination in Vancouver if you want a good pulled pork sandwich and more.

3. The King’s Head in Kits

Find a great slow roasted pulled pork sandwich here in Vancouver with bbq sauce, house coleslaw, together on an artisan bun. It’s delicious and the perfect spot near Kits beach if you want a relaxed atmosphere for summer with great drinks and yes good pulled pork too.

Find pulled pork around Vancouver served with pancakes, on a poutine, on a burger, by the pound, on tacos, or with mac and cheese.

There are countless innovative and delicious pulled pork variations being served at pubs and restaurants around the city today. Vancouver is full of great bbq restaurant options.

2. Malone’s Taphouse

The HillBilly Pulled Pork Sandwich here on the menu is a slow braised shredded pork with lemon slaw, on a pretzel bun, with bbq chipotle aioli and hickory sticks.

One of the best pulled pork sandwiches in Vancouver if you want a great bbq sandwich that tastes authentic, made with meat that has that slow cooked taste.

1. Buckstop on Denman

Buckstop on Denman has great bbq including beef back ribs, brisket, and pulled pork too. There are the classic bbq sides too like hush puppies, mozza sticks, and cornbread to add on with it. Try their pulled pork sandwich or smoked beef brisket.

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