11 Spots to Find Some Really Good Brisket Around Vancouver

Brisket is a bbq favorite for many and there are a wide range of restaurants around BC that are serving this delicious dish.

11. Rosemary Rocksalt

Rosemary Rocksalt is serving some of the best bagel sandwiches in Vancouver.

Find the Hastings-Sunrise made with beef risket, egg, and cheddar, or the Whistler bagel with beef brisket, egg, green pepper, tomato, lettuce, red onion, and cream cheese. There is also the Mount Royal with beef brisket and mustard.

Try the Mount Royal Montreal Smoked Meat (Beef Brisket) Bagel

There are several Rosemary Rocksalt locations in BC and they are serving great bagels with brisket and more if you are craving a good sandwich spot.


10. Donnellan’s Irish Pub

Find a delicious smoked brisket sandwich at this Granville spot, pair it with some of their taco or curry chips, or maybe some chicken wings on the side.

This is a great relaxed spot if you want a pub for lunch or dinner with good brisket.


9. Jackson’s Resto Butcher

At this Kitsilano hot spot you will find some seriously good brisket with their Famous Smoked Brisket Sandwich that they’ve had on the menu. There is also ground brisket on The Jackson Burger too. This is a great gastropub in Vancouver found in the Kitsilano community for good brisket and more.

You can also find them on delivery apps like Skip the Dishes for convenient ordering.

8. Los Cuervos Taqueria & Cantina

This is a spot for a mix of brisket and tacos. Try their Birria Taco Kit that comes with beef brisket and sides like guac, lime, beans, rice, red onion, and chips.

They have also got the Beef Brisket Quesadilla and the Birria Taco with beef brisket for an alternative to the kit.

This restaurant is located in Vancouver right next to Robson Park on Kingsway and they’ve got you covered for a unique take on brisket.

7. Red Truck Beer Company

There are a variety of great breweries around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland that are serving amazing bbq and dishes like brisket and more. It might not be where most people think of to find good bbq in Vancouver but breweries in the city are delivering some of the best.

At this brewery in Vancouver you can find some great bbq like the smoked brisket sandwich or their bbq dog. Brisket that has been smoked for hours and has that authentic quality taste, you will find that here with great craft beer options too.

6. The Cambie Bar and Grill

A popular restaurant for brisket in Vancouver is The Cambie Bar and Grill that has been a pub serving the Vancouver community for decades now. They’ve got good bbq with the brisket but also other comfort food options to like crispy buffalo chicken burger, jumbo onion rings, and beef dip.

Try the Devil’s Elbow Smoked Brisket


5. The Yale Saloon

The Yale Saloon is a great spot for bbq in Vancouver. This is a bbq country bar located on Granville St where you will find a great beef brisket sandwich but you can also order beef brisket by the pound too. Aside from that bbq beef brisket sandwich you can find drinks, live music and an all around country atmosphere.

4. Yaletown Brewing Company

Another hot brewing spot to find some good bbq in Vancouver with this brewing company in Yaletown. You will find a delicious smoked Texas brisket pizza and brisket sandwich on the menu that is worth the trip.

Great patio space and bbq in Yaletown

There are fantastic drinks here at the Yaletown Brewing Company in Vancouver and it’s a great atmospher where you will find plenty of delicious sides to go along with that good bbq too.

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3. Happy Day Cafe

Happy Day Cafe on Kingsway has quick serve Chinese food that yes offers beef brisket with their hot pot white turnip and beef brisket option, or the curry beef brisket on rice. Hot spot options, seafood, pork, chicken, beef, and more here found at this popular Vancouver spot.

It might not be the first place you think of for good bbq but if you want something different for brisket and thinking Chinese food then check out this place.

2. Memphis Blues BBQ House

It wouldn’t be a list of the best for bbq in Vancouver if Memphis Blues BBQ House didn’t make the list of course. They are a staple in the bbq scene and have some of the best bbq in Vancouver like brisket you can order by the pound, with sides like bbq beans, slaw, and potato salad.

Serving great brisket in Vancouver


1. Slim’s BBQ

Slim’s BBQ on Main in Vancouver is one of the best places for brisket and bbq in the city. There are great Southern sides and meat options here.

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