Will Vancouver Host The 2026 Men’s FIFA World Cup Games?

It would be an amazing celebration for the city if it happens and Vancouver gets to host some of the 2026 men’s FIFA World Cup Games.

Vancouver just recently pledged $5 million to try and bring 2026 men’s FIFA World Cup games to the province where Canadians and tourists might possibly see the games take place at B.C. Place Stadium.

The $5 million is going toward a provincial bid to bring the competition games to BC.

Previously, the 2015 women’s FIFA 2015 World Cup Games had been held in Vancouver, and other Canadian cities like Edmonton and Montreal.

For those games several years ago it had marked the first time that the tournament was hosted by Canada, and the 3rd time by a North American country.

Montreal, Edmonton, and Vancouver, are Canadian cities which all host large venues that are capable of seating thousands of people that you might expect to see at one of the stadiums for these games.

It isn’t a surprise that we would possibly see some of those same host cities up for consideration again that we have seen before, such as Vancouver now for the 2026 men’s FIFA World Cup games.


Back in 2015 it was anticipated that the FIFA Women’s World Cup might help to bring in anywhere between $200 to $300 million to the economy, but it turns out that things went much better than that.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup years ago in Canada generated hundreds of millions across the country, some news reports have suggested that it was well over $450 million.

BC alone had seen over $100 million in economic activity from the sporting event. Hundreds of thousands of fans bought tickets and made their way into B.C Place Stadium to catch the games at the time.

Bringing in millions to the BC economy and more

The tourism sector has been hard hit throughout the pandemic and this FIFA World Cup event could help to create jobs and bring in millions of dollars to the local economy as well as spurring economic activity across the country in multiple provinces as other cities host games.

Together, Canada, the U.S. and Mexico had previously won hosting rights for the 2026 men’s FIFA World Cup Games.

It isn’t clear yet what the final plan is but there are many who are excited at the prospect of another celebration for the FIFA games being held in Vancouver or other areas of Canada within a few years time.

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