Spring means great weather to get out and support small business in BC

Now that things are opening up more around BC it is a great time to get out and show support for small businesses in the province.

There are still different small BC businesses who might be struggling and who just barely made it through the pandemic, they aren’t over the fight just yet.

The tourism industry and restaurant industry have been some of the hardest hit throughout this ordeal.

There are a number of small business BC restaurants that have closed because of the changes.

One of those popular restaurants is SMAK which offered healthy fast food options but decided to close down their Metro Vancouver locations, along with a host of other well-known and celebrated eateries. Throughout the Lower Mainland we have seen the loss of multiple great restaurants that had been serving their communities for years.

Support small business around BC

There are a number of small businesses to find around BC that are offering everything from clothing and jewelry to soap, food, and more. Artisan shops in BC can be a great place to start when you are looking to find them.

Finding Farmers Markets with Local Sellers

Spring is right around the corner and farmers market season is here again, providing a great opportunity to support local artisans and farmers. There are multiple farmers markets around BC to find going on throughout the year and this is a great chance to discover new local artists and small BC businesses that are selling quality made goods.


Supporting small business online

There are a number of ways to go about supporting small BC businesses in the province and that can be as simple as following them online, engaging with their content, or sharing it across your own profiles for others to see. Supporting small BC business doesn’t have to mean directly spending money with them, there are other ways to show support.

There are thousands of small businesses around BC to discover this spring and summer. Cafes, shops, bars, restaurants, there is an atmosphere for just about any taste. BC is thriving with creative places to discover, enchanting environments to explore, and unforgettable culinary delights to be enjoyed.

Discover small artisans in BC

Artisan gift shops in the province are one of the best places to discover and celebrate small businesses in British Columbia. Either going online or in-person you can discover a wide range of talent across the province and the country that are producing a wide variety of home goods, food products, clothing items, and much more.

These shops are great at curating Canadian products and highlighting those goods from small BC businesses that are locally made.

The Nooks in Vancouver

Artisan Gifts & Flowers in Coquitlam

Willow and Wallflower in Port Moody

Spirit Gallery in Vancouver


These are some of the best stores around the Lower Mainland that are making that effort easy to find and support small businesses in BC. They highlight a variety of artisan quality crafted Canadian products, everything from art to bath items and much more.

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