Camping bookings expected to start filling up next week for BC

Camping season is about to start heating up now that the new BC Parks website is about to launch and open for people to make reservations for their camping plans this season.

The website is opening for reservations for provincial sites on March 21 2022 but it will be going live this week for users to still look around the website.

Users will be able to create an account this week and get ready for making those reservations later on.

2022 Camping Season in BC

2022 is likely to see a great deal of demand for camping around BC as we have seen in previous years. There has been so much demand before that the website has had issues with all of the traffic.

Booking a reservation for camping in BC might have been difficult before but there are efforts behind the scenes working to make that easier for travelers.

Check out the new BC Parks website for Camping this week

That new online reservation service for camping in BC is expected to be found at bcparks.ca and is going to be live this week for users to check it out.

Last year BC saw a record number of campers in 2021 and this has helped to bring further attention and investment toward parks in the province.

There are tens of millions in upgrades going toward trails around BC, to camping facilities, and more.

If you are looking to make a reservation for camping this season then don’t forget to check out the new website and test navigating around so that you are ready when it goes live to set your BC camping reservation this year.

Photo by Anastassiya Golovko on Pexels.com

High demand for camping in BC

As we have seen in the past once camping season gets heated there is always a rush of demand and traffic to make those reservations and they can fill up quickly because of that high demand for camping around BC.

It is better to get on top of things early so that you can secure a spot that is available while there are still some to be found.

There are a large number of camping spots to find around BC and some of the more popular ones might be hard to secure a spot with if you wait until late into the season.

Altogether in BC there are over 10k vehicle accessible campsites located around the province and it’s estimated that some 6 in 10 BC residents frequent provincial parks each year.

Overnight camping and day camping are both popular, with many more going day camping to provincial parks as well. There are millions of visits that will be made to BC parks throughout the year.

Last year it is estimated that more than 3 million campers visited BC parks for their outdoor camping destination. Hundreds of thousands of reservations were made last year for camping and we can expect things will again see high demand for 2022 as well as this is one of the most popular spots in the country for camping.

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