Food Banks See Rise in Demand Following Pressure on Gas Prices

The food banks around Metro Vancouver have seen increased pressure through the pandemic as did others around the world and right now inflation and gas prices are wreaking havoc on Canadian families still. Millions of people are concerned about the price of gas these days and the rising inflation.

The cost of living is a top concern for many Canadians and that was made clear through the last election cycle. One candidate or another was offering to give more to Canadians to help them rise up across the country.

It might be help with child care, food costs, home ownership, there are many issues involved with the cost of living for Canadians.

It looks like gas prices are now sending more clients to the Metro Vancouver food banks who are unable to keep up with the rising costs. Over time this pressure on gas costs and general living expenses surrounding inflation etc, are expected to fuel more pressure on those social community resources that are there to try and make up that difference.


Can’t keep up with cost of living

Surveys have found that Canadians are struggling right now to keep up with the rising cost of living. Those around Vancouver are seeing some of the highest gas prices in North America and for individuals who drive long distances to work it is going to have a big impact on their wallets.

As more Canadians get squeezed we can only assume that pressure will rise again for community resources like the food bank and others.

Inflation is causing a tremendous amount of financial anxiety for many these days, with over half of the country possibly looking at falling behind with the growing cost of living, according to data from the Angus Reid Institute.

Gas price around Metro Vancouver right now are well above the $2 mark per litre, many $2.10 or more all over the Lower Mainland. Now more than ever Canadians are going to be looking to try and save where they can and that even means looking around for the cheapest gas options.

The taxi industry has already stepped in reportedly calling for relief on the issue with the gas prices surging.

How high will gas prices get in Metro Vancouver?

The prices for gas in Vancouver are also expected to get even higher when a new carbon tax goes through which is expected at the beginning of April 2022.

Many in the region are already struggling at these prices and if they go higher it will only fuel that growing pressure for some relief and something to be done about the situation.

The pressure of inflation and gas prices on Canadians is one that hasn’t been overlooked by political parties.

The issue has already fueled some political response, like that from the NDP in Ontario with the Fairness in Petroleum Products Pricing Act recently. As well as from the Conservatives, with the new Conservative leader candidate Pierre Poilievre vowing that he would seek an end to the carbon tax and he has also spoken out frequently about the rising cost of living and inflation around the country.

For now it looks like the NDP in BC are not going to be rushing on any potential gas measures to respond to the increasing prices.

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  1. That is exactly what we say here – food banks in one of the richest countries in the world. Fuel price increases from April and then again in October. Even now, petrol is sky high.


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