Find Delicious Japanese Fruit Sandwiches in Vancouver

Strawberry Sando, Mixed Fruit Sando, Orange Sando, Green Grape Sando, and a seasonal Mandarin Sando. Yes you can find these popular types of Japanese fruit sandwiches in Vancouver.

There is a fantastic café located in Vancouver called the Fufú Café that serves these amazing dishes if you want to try them.

This Vancouver café also serves tea and different drinks along with popular soufflé pancakes too. Both the sweet and savory kind.

Where to get Japanese Fruit Sandwiches in Vancouver

Looking for fruit sandwiches that look and taste great? Check for availability to order them at this Vancouver business, Fufú Café because they’ve listed fruit sandwiches on the menu and much more.

It’s a great Vancouver café to check out that is located on W Broadway.


Try the Everything Miso Scone

The cafe here is known for the delicious and fluffy soufflé pancakes that are being served and the popular Japanese fruit sando treats too like the Strawberry Sando and others.

You might have seen these popular soufflé pancakes on social media at some point, interest for Japan’s soufflé pancakes has been growing for years, having previously been deemed a new obsession with many.

Unforgettable Soufflé Pancakes

Adding to the menu at this Vancouver cafe is another exciting dish coming soon too, which is Kakigori shaved that is also expected to be coming onto the menu this summer.

what do soufflé pancakes look like?

This is a top destination in Vancouver right now for the best in Japanese soufflé pancakes that are sweet with ingredients like chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

On the opposite for a savory meal you have fluffy soufflé pancakes like their Eggs Benedict Soufflé pancake that comes with bacon.

In the past you have seen on the menu here versions of these pancakes such as Tiramisu Soufflé Pancake and Lemon Crème Brulee Soufflé Pancake.

With introductions like the Ruby Strawberry Soufflé Pancakes served with ruby chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day, how could you not stop by or place an order to try? The combinations they’ve been coming up with have been mouthwatering.

Find Fufú Café on delivery apps in Vancouver

Placing an order with the cafe is a lot easier when you can access them on delivery apps like Skip The Dishes or Uber Eats. There is also a curbside pickup option too.

For breakfast or brunch this a great Vancouver cafe to check in with, offering high quality sweet and savory food options.

This cafe in Vancouver makes it easy to find great food trend products like the Japanese fruit sandwiches and soufflé pancakes in the city. It might just be the best breakfast you’ve ever had because their soufflé pancakes are truly delicious.

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