Gas Price Shocks in Vancouver: Highest Gas Prices in North America

People around Vancouver are seeing a dramatic rise in gas prices lately to the point that Metro Vancouver now become a region that has the highest gas prices in North America.

Drivers went to work this morning and might have been shocked by the prices they saw at the gas station on their way.

More to come?

As of April 1st this year it is also expected that we will see carbon taxes going up in BC, and will be paying more per litre for gasoline.

Those changes are expected to bring an increase of about 11 cents per litre of gasoline on April 1, 2022.

The price that people around the BC area in Vancouver are seeing right now is shocking for many and it is expected that the price of gas might go up even further, possibly landing around $2 or more per litre soon.

Some gas stations around the Metro Vancouver area are already charging $2 or more for gas per litre.


Top concern with voters in Canada

The cost of living is a top concern with voters around Canada and as inflation worries grow, and things continue to get more expensive as far as food, housing, and gas etc, this will be an even more important issue for Canadian voters.

Those in the Vancouver area are seeing record breaking gas prices, alarming house prices, an increasing cost of living for food and other goods, and there is a lot of stress that appears to be resulting from those financial difficulties, according to recent surveys.

2 out of 3 Canadians stressed over inflation

One survey found that roughly 2 in 3 Canadians are stressed about inflation and worry about what this might mean for their standard of living, are things going to get worse?

Some Canadians are expecting high inflation to last for longer and this is already having significant impact on the lives of many with the prices going up.

Now there are more struggles with the rise in gas prices in Vancouver too for many.

Most in BC are worried that the pandemic will never end


Another survey found that many in BC are worried that the pandemic might never end.

There are several provinces in Canada that have already moved toward lifting their restrictions with passports. However, despite the majority of Canadian provinces doing this in removing pandemic related guidelines there is no word yet on any plan for BC to move forward and do the same.

This is a battle for many that has been going on over 2 years now and it isn’t clear what long-term mental health consequences that might have for millions.

The pandemic increased anxiety for many and there are thousands of health experts who have warned about the possible dangers this could have on people’s physical and mental wellbeing.

With people around Metro Vancouver seeing some of the highest gas prices in North America right now it won’t be surprising to see this become more of a voting issue as things continue to get more expensive.

Canadian voters have already demonstrated that cost of living is a top worry for them.

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