3 Great Restaurants Downtown With a Water View

There are so many great restaurants in the downtown core that are going to give you gorgeous water and mountain views. Whether you want a good steak, chicken salad, top seafood, there is so much to choose from in the Vancouver food scene.

There are several great restaurants downtown with a view, especially if you want a Vancouver restaurant with a view by the water.

If you are looking to get close to Coal Harbour area and Stanley Park for example then you are going to find many great top quality restaurants for a brunch, lunch, or dinner. Drinks and appetizers with an ocean view? Look no further than these great spots listed below.

Here are 3 top Vancouver restaurants with a view you do not want to miss on a trip to this area.



333 Menchion Mews, Vancouver, BC

Happy hour, lunch, dinner, brunch etc, they’ve got it all covered here for you at this Vancouver restaurant. You can find some top seafood dishes being served here, for dinner try their tempura prawns, or the chilled seafood platter for a group.

The views at this restaurant make it one of the best when you are looking for a Vancouver restaurant with a view down by the water.

Great food, drinks, and great atmosphere here at the upscale rooftop LIFT bar.

This Vancouver restaurant has one of the best patios for drinks and dinner downtown in the Coal Harbour region.


2. Cardero’s Restaurant

583 Coal Harbour Quay, Vancouver, BC

At this top downtown Vancouver restaurant with a view you can find fresh seafood and a great view of the marina. They have a heated patio at this restaurant and it is one of the best spots for brunch with a great view of the water.

You can even catch some live music here on occasion too.

The patio at this downtown restaurant is covered and heated all through the year. This Vancouver restaurant favorite is a comfortable place to plan any meal when you want a top view. The food is fantastic here.


1. Mahony’s Tavern

Vancouver Convention Centre West Building, Burrard Landing, 1055 Canada Pl #36, Vancouver, BC

Mahony’s is one of the best Vancouver restaurants to go to for a meal. Here you will get great views and it is one of the best locations right downtown with great food and atmosphere.

There are a lot of great hotels in this area, top restaurants, and of course the Convention Centre nearby.

Need a Vancouver restaurant with a view and patio? Think Mahony’s for your meal then.

They’ve got comfort food that has been on the menu like great street tacos, chicken wings, chicken sliders, mac and cheese, and a chowder pot pie. Score some great cocktails, delicious pizza, and enjoy a day downtown in this relaxed atmosphere by the water.

Coal Harbour Vancouver BC

These are just a few of the great restaurants that they have downtown, there are so many different ones to discover and all sorts of cuisines available in the food market here.

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