Restaurants seeing boom in business after restrictions lifted

Vancouver restaurants and others around the Lower Mainland and BC are seeing more business after restrictions have been lifted somewhat. There is still the passport in place and until that is removed things won’t get fully back to normal.

The recent football weekend meant that restaurants in Vancouver and elsewhere had seen another lost opportunity with some business, and there is hope that things will be better going forward.

Especially now that the restrictions had been recently lifted somewhat around BC for bars and other businesses.

There is still room for further change and BC is one of the last provinces in the country to move with lifting passports. Other provinces have already fully lifted passports and other restrictions.

The restaurant industry around Vancouver and BC saw many small businesses close and thousands of jobs were lost too. This is one of the hardest hit industries that struggled through the pandemic not just in BC but all around the world.

Now things are starting to get back to normal for restaurants in Vancouver and other cities in the province.


A surge in needed business for BC restaurants and bars

Now that things are warming up that means more might be looking to get out onto patios and enjoy bars and restaurants around the province.

These businesses have struggled significantly throughout the pandemic and now that things are lifted Vancouver restaurants can try to return to normal somewhat, as the province moves forward and eventually ends passports too.

With that boom in business it also means that Vancouver restaurants are hiring too, a number of them around the Lower Mainland and other parts of BC.

For those who had seen a loss in business because of the restrictions on how they could operate, it is understandable to hear that a number of individuals are relieved now that things around BC can return more to normal now for their restaurants and other ventures.

Now that those businesses can go back to full capacity with no table limits etc it greatly changes things for gatherings and increased opportunity for restaurants in Vancouver and around the province.

You will still see a number of pandemic-related changes in place throughout businesses around Vancouver though, including the masks, spacing suggestions, and more.

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