Refillery Van offers household cleaning products with convenience

There is a refill van operation in Vancouver and North Vancouver right now that makes it easy to cut down on plastic waste when looking to buy things like laundry soap, hand soap, and other similar items.

A growing number of companies have come around over the last few years, to address the refillable need with soap and other eco-friendly products. This means Vancouver got their own too with Backspace and the refillery van that travels around the Lower Mainland.

With the Backspace refillery van you can book a house refill for items, where they will come to your location and refill your items for you.

This is a customized experience and helps people around BC reduce their waste by opting for refill options that come right to their door.


Coming to Burnaby soon

The Backspace service is going to be coming to Burnaby soon as well. Already it is available around the North Vancouver region as well as within Vancouver, for those needing eco-friendly refill options on household goods.

This refill operation is using local products, offers the convenience with the online shop, and it has flexible scheduling too which makes it easy to fit it into your routine when you need a refill.

Items that they are selling include natural shampoo bars, deodorant sticks, toothpaste tablets, soap, all purpose cleaner, dish soap, and more.

Backspace offering refill convenience service

via instagram.com/backspaceit/

Find Eco Friendly Refill Options in Vancouver

You can use your own container for refilling products or choose from a deposit container that they offer, and then wait for your items to be loaded up. After that you are good to go.

For anyone interested in sustainable living and who is looking for a refill option around Vancouver this is one of the best because it comes right to you.

There is no need to make a journey with your bottles to the store now when looking to fill up again.

Just book an appointment with the refillery van and then you will get to have an easier time loading up on necessities like hand soap or dish soap.

This refillery van is helping those in BC to effectively reduce their waste, find great natural products, and to be able to embrace more eco-friendly habits all around.

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