Wendy’s Breakfast in Canada is Coming

Wendy’s launched its own breakfast menu not that long ago to compete with other fast food chains that are already doing the same thing in the market. They have already got lunch and dinner covered, so why not breakfast too?


Wendy’s has already launched that breakfast menu in some areas and they are looking at this segment in the years to come expecting that it is going to grow. Breakfast is a big driver for many fast food places today in the market.

People in Canada have been waiting for Wendy’s breakfast menu and it is about to arrive. After they launched their breakfast menu at Wendy’s they eventually became one of the top players now in the breakfast space.

They launched their breakfast menu in 2020 and are already seeing success with the changes in welcoming that market. Canada is likely to be the same in driving a great deal of success for them.

The breakfast menu at Wendy’s is going to shake things up in Canada and is expected to start this spring of 2022.

Starting in spring 2022 in Canada for Wendy’s Breakfast Menu

When is the new breakfast menu coming to Wendy’s in Canada? We should expect to see this rollout in MAY to Canadian Wendy’s locations.


The Wendy’s breakfast launch happening in spring 2022 means this is coming out soon and will be available at Wendy’s locations across the country. They are looking to offer the same fast and affordable food items that people have come to expect from the Wendy’s company.

Will this be a better breakfast menu?

Canadians will have a chance to try it out soon when the breakfast menu launches sometime this year.

Wendy’s has hundreds of locations across Canada today with many locations that can be found around BC as well.

The Wendy’s breakfast menu continues to gain share of the market with the innovative offerings they’ve brought to the menu.

In the USA on the Wendy’s breakfast menu they have had options like:

  • hot honey biscuit
  • maple bacon chicken croissant
  • sausage, Swiss, and egg croissant
  • bacon egg and Swiss croissant
  • honey butter chicken biscuit
  • Cold brew iced coffee
  • both chocolate and vanilla Frosty-ccino drinks

You can find these breakfast food items at different Wendy’s locations which have been serving breakfast but it isn’t clear yet what might exactly make it onto the Canada Wendy’s breakfast menu just yet.

To date there are a number of fast food chains making up the top and most popular within the country, all around the BC area, including the names like Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, A&W, Pizza Pizza, and yes of course Wendy’s too.

The breakfast menu they have coming to Canada Wendy’s locations is going to offer Canadians one more option to go with in the morning if they don’t want to go with competitor breakfast items or the usual burger varieties.

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