Jollibee opens their highly anticipated restaurant in Vancouver

Just recently Jollibee has opened their Vancouver restaurant that we have all been waiting for. The Filipino fast-food chain is growing in Canada and this YVR Jollibee location is sure to be another busy one for them.

You can now find Jollibee locations around BC and in other provinces throughout Canada. There are now over 20 locations for Jollibee that are now operating around the country.


This new location on Granville St is the first location for them in BC.

Vancouver Jollibee location at 833 Granville Street, Vancouver BC

The Vancouver Jollibee location opened to huge celebration with hundreds of people coming out to show support and order something from the popular food chain.

Find burgers, chicken sandwiches, their famous Jollibee fried chicken, the delicious peach mango pie, and the popular Jolly spaghetti too.

Jollibee is making its mark all over the world today as a fast growing food chain that is now one of the world’s largest.

Now Jollibee is looking at expanding that success and growing around Canada.

Lineups have been seen in Jollibee locations around the world as this chain has received immensely popular support for those locations that are open already.

This time the Vancouver location for Jollibee was no different.

There is more room for them to expand around Canada yet, especially in the province of BC.

There is a great deal of support in demand for the products, as we have seen recently with the lineups that the Vancouver store faced when opening.


A menu unlike any others

It is often said that Jollibee is offering a menu that isn’t like any other restaurant that you find out there, maybe that is part of the main reason why people go there. And that’s true when you try their food, it is incredibly unique. Especially the combination of offerings on the menu, like peach mango pie and spaghetti with fried chicken? But it works and it works well for them.

Jollibee has been so popular already that the interest has been described as a ‘cult like following’ for the franchise. But the customers wouldn’t be there and coming back for more if Jollibee wasn’t serving up some good food.

Jollibee has previously indicated that they have plans to open hundreds of stores around North America.

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