Bars and Clubs Getting Busy Again in BC

COVID-19 restrictions were lifted this week for bars, restaurants, and nightclubs around BC, and things have already been getting busy for those clubs downtown.

For some in the industry they say that right now it feels a bit suddenly like 2 years ago, with people heading back to the clubs and looking to get back to normal. It didn’t take long for some of those venues to start seeing a rush in business and this comes after those BC businesses have been struggling to get through the pandemic with different restrictions on capacity limits and more.

There are still some safety measures in place though, like vax passports and masks. However, now they are going back to full capacity for those BC bars and clubs too, with some fewer restrictions surrounding their business.

There won’t be any limit on table sizes, there will be normal liquor serving hours, dancing is going to be permitted, and customers do not have to remain in their seat either.

Photo by Martin Lopez on Pexels.com

BC Bars Open Back to Normal Capacity


With the changes that just came for this industry we have already seen things quickly returning to normal as far as businesses downtown seeing more demand, lines were seen going out the door for some clubs. Bars, pubs, restaurants, have been full, as people look to get out and enjoy the changing weather and take advantage of the opportunity.

These changes for BC bars are coming after over 100 weekends of them not being able to do this and there being those restrictions on capacity and more.

This is an exciting time for those businesses to get back to normal and to start welcoming more guests again and embracing that return to the easing of restrictions.

Not only is it great for those businesses to start seeing more demand but also for the employees who work there who can count on seeing an increase in tips as well from the boost in capacity for different clubs and bars etc. This is an exciting time for those in the industry as they look to return to get back to doing what they love and what they’re good at.

For some it feels like they might have conquered covid-19 because of the progress they are seeing now in those restrictions being lifted and things returning to normal, and it can’t come soon enough for some Canadians.

Millions of jobs had been lost throughout the restaurant industry around Canada and elsewhere.

These clubs and other venues have suffered greatly in trying to maintain their business with those different restrictions around capacity etc. Now they get the chance to open their doors once again to the community and press forward with trying to stay afloat and keep those businesses operational and successful in the province.

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