PoCo Chipotle had first Chipotlane in Canada 

Chipotle has thousands of locations around the United States and already in Canada the number is growing too. In BC you can find Chipotle in Surrey, Vancouver, and Port Coquitlam now. There are over 20 locations in Canada so far.

The Chipotlane in Port Coquitlam at this Chipotle location is also supposed to be the first one of its kind in Canada.


Chipotlane Success

The Chipotlane is the drive-thru operation for Chipotle and they’ve been looking to double down on that plan to bring more of them to their stores because of how effective they are for the business.

If you are looking for a Chipotlane in Canada, around BC, then check out the Port Coquitlam location.

The demand for Chipotle is high and there are more stores needed around Canada and elsewhere to meet it. One store in BC alone isn’t enough.

This Chipotle in PoCo is also hiring currently as well.

The new Chipotle in PoCo didn’t open that long ago and the company has an accelerated plan to build more around the country.

Another new Chipotle location in North Vancouver is expected to be opening soon, on March 15 2022.

You can now find several Chipotle locations in BC including

4700 Kingsway #2200 Burnaby, BC
10355 152 St Unit 1005, Surrey, BC
532 W Broadway Unit 100, Vancouver BC
818 Howe St, Vancouver, BC
879 Park Royal N, West Vancouver, BC
19898 Langley Bypass Unit 110, Langley, BC
2325 Ottawa St, Port Coquitlam, BC
15775 Croydon Dr, Surrey, BC

The new upcoming Chipotle location in North Vancouver is supposed to open in March 2022 and will be found at 1301 Londsdale Ave.


While some businesses slowed down during the pandemic we saw that the opposite happened for Chipotle, things got busier for them. In 2021 their revenue increased to $7.5 billion.

Room for growth in Canada

There might be thousands of Chipotle locations in the U.S. already but there aren’t that many yet to be found around Canada. And it looks like they are already well on their way with the several locations that are already open and still planned to be open in the BC area alone.

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