Check Out This New Food Truck in Maple Ridge

There is a new food truck to check out in Maple Ridge known as the Agri Mexican Cantina Food Truck that’s located at 21280 Lougheed Hwy in BC.

Just recently Taco Tycoon was seen at the Agri Mexican Cantina Food Truck doing a review of the fried chicken taco.

TacoTycoon420 is the account to follow that checks out tacos all over BC and features different food challenges.

You can also find @TacoTycoon420 doing a video review on YouTube for this taco food truck in Maple Ridge BC as well.

The Agri Mexican Cantina Food Truck are a new taco truck that just recently opened up for business in BC.

Fried Chicken Tacos = 8.6 review from Taco Tycoon

The fried chicken tacos got a ‘wow‘ from Taco Tycoon, made with pico, slaw, fried chicken, and altogether they are served on some fully loaded shells.


Good Tacos in Maple Ridge, BC

On the menu for the Agri Mexican Cantina Food Truck you can see a variety of dishes being prepared that they’ve shared on their social media, which includes an interesting fried chicken poutine, quesadilla, vegan bowl, and Agri special fries.

It’s easy to stop by and pick up some good tacos here, and if you want to save time you can order by calling ahead of time too. On their Instagram the Agri Mexican Cantina Food Truck shares the number available for preordering from the truck.

There are many great small businesses to check out around BC and for fresh new tacos in the Maple Ridge area you should give this new food truck a try.

Hours: 12pm to 8pm Wednesday-Monday

Look for this food truck located near Ridgeway Beer wine spirits.

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