New Jerk Chicken from Panago

Jerk Chicken from Panago

Panago has something new on the menu. Jerk chicken wings, Jerk chicken pizza, and Jerk chicken salad. The Jerk Wings are a dry rub with a Caribbean jerk seasoning blend that is made with 17 different herbs and spices. The sweet mustard dip that they offer goes great with the new wings.

If you aren’t interested in the wings there is the jerk chicken salad instead which comes with corn, pineapple, tomatoes, avocado cilantro dressing, and shredded cabbage. The jerk chicken pizza is made with the Panago sweet and smoky tropical sauce, along with the spiced jerk chicken, red peppers, pineapple, corn, banana peppers, cheddar, mozza, and again the light avocado cilantro drizzle.

jerk chicken salad Panago

You can also add different vegetables and other ingredients on top of what already comes in the salad, such as extra cheese, jalapenos, or some olives. You do get a decent amount of chicken in the jerk chicken salad and you can taste a decent amount of spice mix on that chicken as well.

Panago has been a pizza brand that has promoted real food made with real ingredients and you can see that with what they’ve brought onto the menu with options like gluten-free, thin crust, multigrain crust, even organic options too. They offer organic tomato sauce, different plant based choices on the menu, and their wing boxes and pizza boxes are 100% compostable too for added convenience.

Apps like Skip The Dishes make it easy to order but there are also a variety of Panago locations around BC to find when you want to order in person or pick up in person too. This pizza chain is arguably one of the ‘cleanest’ pizza chains in Canada and we continue to see fresh new additions coming onto the menu with different pizza recipes they’ve had in the past.

Panago has previously added different pizzas to spice the regular menu offerings up a bit. This has included bringing on popular options like the BLT pizza, butter chicken pizza, baked potato, and others. Now they’ve got the new jerk chicken pizza to try as well at participating locations.

Jerk Chicken Pizza, Wings, Salad

The new jerk chicken wings and pizza are described as a smoky sweet flavor and they are a bit more smoky than sweet, they aren’t that high on the hot or spicy scale. There is a lot of flavor to them, even if it’s just the jerk chicken salad. Since it’s so good you might want to ask for extra jerk chicken on that one too.

If you are craving something new and love the taste of jerk chicken then don’t miss this one. Even if you have never tried jerk chicken before this is worth a test. They’ve nailed it with the recent jerk chicken dry rub recipe.

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