BC camping reservations opening soon

Things are warming up and with spring getting closer that means more might be thinking about planning a camping trip this year around BC. There are countless beautiful camping spots to find around the province.

People who are looking to book a camping site in 2022 in BC will be able to start making those reservations in March 2022 with the new BC Parks website that will be launching.

Booking a campsite might have been difficult in the past for some, after reservation sites have struggled when seeing high demand, but there are efforts to improve on that experience to make things more efficient.

Thousands plan camping trips around BC and the country each year and this year there will be many looking to take advantage of that opportunity to get out again and explore.

Reservations that are going to be made through BC Parks for camping this year are expected to open March 21 2022.


Warmer months aren’t the only time that you will find people camping around BC, as winter camping options are popular too for some.

The new camping site for making reservations for BC camping in 2022 is expected to be more updated and will offer efficient resources for anyone that is looking to plan a camping trip.

There is expected to be a soft launch of that site on March 15 2022 and that will enable camp goers to get started with some features, such as moving to create an account and be able to explore the site some as well. On March 21 2022 is when the site is expected to go live for BC camping bookings.

More high demand for camping

Last year was a record year for camping with BC Parks and this year again we can anticipate that many are going to be looking forward to getting out and exploring this spring and summer.

Popular provincial parks to explore in BC include Golden Ears, Garibaldi, Alice Lake, Goldstream, and others.

Through the pandemic we saw that RV camping trips became more popular for many around Canada and elsewhere as people looked to stay distanced but still get out to explore.

For some that might have meant taking their first RV camping trip around BC and there are a variety of great RV parks to find within the province that can accommodate RV camping trips.

Photo by JJ Whitley on Pexels.com

How much does camping in Canada cost?

Camping costs vary depending on where campers are going to stay, how they will camp, what they might eat while camping, activities done during that trip etc.

On average, a camping trip is estimated to cost several hundred dollars for those looking to go camping in Canada.

However, there are ways to get creative with camping and not every camping trip looks the same in terms of where it is and how much it is going to cost.

There are hundreds of campsites to find and BC is one of the most popular places in the country for camping. In 2021 it is estimated that some 3 million or more campers visited BC Parks.

But the reservation system for camping isn’t always easy to book or access and some might argue that there isn’t enough supply for camping sites to meet the real camping demand that is really there.

When the bookings are open once again for those that want a reservation in one of the popular camping spaces around the province, we can expect that again we will see a rush once more with demand, as we have seen in the past.

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