Costco in Kelowna Opening Soon

The new Costco relocation that is opening in Kelowna is expected to introduce a larger warehouse and will bring with it some more parking options too.

The Costco Kelowna location will be opening soon expected on Feb 17 2022.

That’s just a few days away until shoppers can go in and explore the new BC Costco. The new Costco location in Kelowna that is opening soon is also going to have a gas station.

A number of Canadians choose to only fill up at Costco gas stations so this is convenient for those in the region and traveling through who are wanting to find a Costco gas option only to check in with.


One of Canada’s Most Respected Retailers

Costco is a favorite for millions of Canadians and as more look to get creative with navigating inflation this might also mean more are looking for bulk deals that they might find in places like Costco too.

This new Kelowna relocation in BC is expected to bring with it dozens of new jobs to the area as well.

New Kelowna Costco Opening Date: Feb 17 2022.

Below on the map you can see where the Costco Kelowna gas station is expected to be located, which will offer dozens of pumps to meet the gas needs of those in the area.

Costco is one of the most popular shopping places with Canadians, especially those who are looking to get deals from buying in bulk.

As inflation has made it more expensive for Canadians to afford food this has meant looking to get creative with saving wherever they can. For some that means going to places like Costco to shop strategically, or use coupons, or only buy things on sale etc.

There are millions of Costco members across Canada today.

There are already individuals who are making those adjustments in trying to navigate that pressure from the increase in prices that have come about recently for Canadians.

Today you can find a variety of Costco hacks and Costco themed social media accounts that teach people how to shop in ways to try and save money or find good deals.

For this new location for Costco in Kelowna it looks like they spent a great deal on getting the area ready. For example, they spent millions reportedly making traffic improvements around the relocation spot, as a part of that plan for the new location.

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