Mary Brown’s Chicken Opening More Locations Across Canada

Mary Browns is a restaurant chain that has served customers delicious food for decades and they are now looking to expand their operations in Canada.

Mary Brown’s Chicken Canadian Expansion

Mary Brown’s is looking to expand around Canada and that means opening dozens of new stores. Altogether they are looking at opening over 50 new locations this year alone.

The Mary Brown’s Chicken restaurant locations coming soon will be stationed around BC, Alberta, and throughout Ontario.

The bulk of those new locations is said to be launching in Ontario. Already they operate hundreds of locations around the country. This is one of the best quick service establishments to go for great chicken.

This Canadian brand is a favorite with many and it is growing.

boneless chicken strips from Mary Brown’s Chicken

Mary Brown’s Chicken is one of the best places to find delicious chicken dishes like buffalo chicken strips, they’ve got pickle chips, a signature crispy chicken sandwich, poutine, mac and cheese, and more.

Mary Brown’s App Offers Delivery

The Mary Brown’s Chicken app allows you to earn loyalty points and you can order for delivery this way too.

There are also other convenient apps to help order for delivery around the Metro Vancouver region like Skip The Dishes.

Largest Canadian Quick Serve Chicken Restaurant

There are a variety of locations around BC already if you are looking for Mary Brown’s Chicken and there are more going to be opening soon this year.

There is a big market for fried chicken and Canadians have shown over the last 50 years that they love Mary Brown’s because it is still here serving communities and looking to expand even more.

Plans for over 200 stores by 2022

They already have hundreds of stores but they are building out more and looking to add dozens of new stores this year to the Mary Brown’s Chicken family.

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  1. I love Mary Brows Chicken, any truth to a rumor I’ve heard that a Mary Browns Chicken is coming to Carleton Place Ontario, just outside of Ottawa Thanks


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