Produce delivery service helps to reduce food waste in Vancouver

There are a variety of groups and companies today that are seeking to reduce food waste around the world. Yes even some right here in BC including those that offer online delivery convenience throughout the Metro Vancouver region.

One of those companies is Peko Produce in Vancouver that serves produce boxes for delivery.

These boxes are bringing produce to community members at competitive prices and helping to reduce food waste along the way.

When you order a produce box from Peko you are going to receive a variety of different items.

Metro Vancouver produce mystery box


Included in the produce box is an assortment with customers receiving things like carrots, romaine hearts, roma tomatoes, and gold Yukon potatoes.

This is a way that Canadians in BC can save on retail prices by finding more affordable places for produce. Peko is making that connection between surplus produce and customers looking for that bargain.

Peko has rescued thousands of lbs of produce from being wasted. This also means customers have the potential to be saving thousands on their grocery bills too by finding more affordable prices for food in Vancouver.

Reducing food waste in Canada

Right now with inflation contributing to a rise in prices for food around Canada this service goes a long way to help address food waste and food insecurity at the same time.

When you order from Peko you get a mystery box of produce so you won’t know what you are getting until it arrives. You can also sign up for subscriptions of the produce box delivery in Vancouver too.

If you don’t want the subscription there is also the one time payment option for the produce too.

PEKO offers more affordable food options in Vancouver

Photo by Mark Stebnicki on Pexels.com

In the box you can expect some conventional produce and organic options too. For finding some great food options around Metro Vancouver at competitive prices this is a convenient option that offers delivery and subscription service too.

Food prices are rising and many Canadians are already looking for ways to save. It might mean looking for new options in produce with subscription mystery boxes like this that bring different price points and convenience.

Peko is providing great value to the community with this new platform for finding different price options in produce, along with online delivery, and the company has also donated hundreds of dollars worth of produce to local community fridges as well.

What might have started as a passion project around UBC has now grown into much more. Peko is doing wonders to address food waste right now.

Billions in produce gets wasted and often it is thrown out for cosmetic reasons. But there are customers who are willing to still take and pay for that ‘ugly produce’. This platform is doing a great job at connecting the two.

Peko is helping to significantly reduce food waste, offer access to more affordable options, and address food insecurity as well in different communities.

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