Vancouver Taylor Swift Club Night Coming Soon

There is an upcoming Taylor Swift club event in Vancouver which is the Vancouver Taylor Swift Club Night and it is expected to take place on April 6 2022.

You can look for tickets here to the Taylor Swift club night event.


This is an age restricted event being that it is taking place in a club in Downtown Vancouver. The event for this Taylor Swift celebration is expected to take place on April 6 2022 from 9PM through until Thursday 1:00 AM on April 7 2022.

There is also a Taylor Swift tribute concert that is happening this month in Vancouver as well.

The last time that Taylor Swift held her concert here in Vancouver there was a high demand for tickets. This isn’t any surprise considering the demand her concerts have seen worldwide, there are many fans throughout Canada and around Vancouver.

These events just the same are anticipated to see high demand and so anyone interested in going might not want to wait on looking to book tickets, before they sell out completely.

The Taylor Swift Club Night 2022 event is going to include Taylor Swift songs being played at the Levels Nightclub in Vancouver. Fans will be able to celebrate with dancing and singing to her tunes all night.

This isn’t the first Taylor Swift event of its kind to be held in Vancouver. Other similar events have been organized and have sold out due to high demand.

It isn’t clear when Taylor Swift might come through Vancouver again with another tour so for now this is a next best option for fans who are looking to enjoy that music and celebrate in a club environment where they can dance and sing to their favorite music.

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