Uride: Another BC Ridesharing Service

Uride is one of the fastest growing rideshare companies in Canada right now and they are looking to expand their services around British Columbia.

Not only are they looking to expand their services around the province for ridesharing but there is also a growing opportunity for those looking to work with the company too.

The Canadian ridesharing company has been recently advertising a limited time sign on bonus for those first driver applicants who are interested in signing up.

The Uride app enables you to book a ride like you would with similar ridesharing services. And they are expanding in BC to places like Kelowna and Kamloops.

The Uride app is supposed to enable you to be able to book or pre book a ride from 24/7 reliable transportation when you need it. And there is a need for more ride services in Kelowna and around BC which this company helps to address.

So far the Uride app has tens of thousands of downloads and they are still working on expanding to new areas around BC and elsewhere.

People around BC and Canada have voiced their interest for more ridesharing competition in the market because of the need for more options in price, quality, and convenience etc, when ordering a ride.

Though we have seen some companies come around to Vancouver and other regions this doesn’t mean they are going to be quick on expanding all throughout the province.

Uride is one more option coming for Canadians who are looking for a ridesharing service. Not just for those looking to ride but also for anyone looking to become a driver too, this is one more spot to seek out opportunities and jobs across BC that might come with it.

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