Prince Rupert Port Expansion Helping to Improve BC Supply Chain

There are plans to further improve the Prince Rupert Port in BC so that there is additional capacity and the supply chain in this region on the West Coast can be strengthened.

The expansion for the Prince Rupert Port would mean increasing the capacity to 1.6 million TEUs by Q3 this year. The goal is that by 2024 there will be 1.8 TEUs.

Strengthening the West Coast Supply Chain

Through the pandemic we saw supply chain issues around Canada for BC it was not only with the pandemic but with the recent flooding as well.

There is great interest to strengthen the supply chain on the West Coast and that means boosting capacity for Ports like that in Prince Rupert.

They have seen an increase in container traffic over years and there have been plans to move forward with expansion. They are already working to make this possible and expect to see progress made this year.

The expansion is expected to bring hundreds of jobs to the area, and overall have a meaningful impact on the lives of those in the region, including Indigenous communities.


Last year we saw congestion start to build up at the Port of Vancouver and other areas around the world. Thousands of cargo containers were waiting to be unloaded as dozens of ships were seeing waiting off the Coast and unable to dock in a timely manner.

With the supply chain crisis that we saw and empty shelves that people experienced it brought awareness to many about the importance of strengthening the local supply chain. As well, it taught how fragile the system is overall and now people are working to change that for the better.

With the improvements in Prince Rupert to the supply chain with this plan this is expected to ultimately offer more options for shippers, especially those who are trying to send to Asia.

Those weather issues had worked to expose the supply chain issues to many but now more work is being done for an improvement to that infrastructure for the supply chain, in an effort to try to strengthen those areas around BC.

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