Will we finally see a TransLink gondola go up to SFU?

There has been talk for years that eventually we might see a gondola built that would help to ease transportation going up to SFU mountain.

There is a current proposal for that project to be built and it looks like the City of Burnaby has put its support behind that project now.

The gondola could end up running from Production SkyTrain station up to SFU and will be a project that offers a reliable and safe transportation service to students and those in the area.

It can be difficult during the winter months for cars and public transportation buses to make their way up the mountain, the gondola would be a great addition many believe to helping keep things safer.

Not only is the gondola expected to be reliable and safe but it is also looked at as a project that could help to reduce carbon emissions in BC too.


Gondola coming soon to SFU?

TransLink has been working on the plan for a Burnaby gondola at this area for some time to help that SFU traffic make it up the mountain and this is a project that is expected to cost millions to be fully completed.

The SFU gondola might cost some $210 million at least to be built.

The gondola would be able to make thousands of trips up the mountain on a daily basis, it’s estimated that it might make some 25,000 trips up the mountain daily. And many staff and students have been looking forward to the prospect of this happening.

The SFU Student Society has also endorsed the Burnaby gondola project too. There has been a great deal of transit chaos in the past and that gondola is expected to be a much needed solution to that problem.

A large portion of students are already using public transit to make their way up the mountain to school. There are several more steps to reach before the project becomes more finalized.

If the Burnaby gondola for SFU continues to be supported then it might only be a few more years before we see a significant amount of progress take place on this front.

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