Waking up to find your Instagram account deleted

Instagram users have previously had the shocking experience of waking up to find their accounts deactivated. For a number of those Instagram users they also don’t know why their accounts were deleted in the first place, citing that they were unaware of any rules they might have broken.

For one Instagram influencer in BC recently, plus-size model Jennifer Palsenbard, she recently found that her account on the platform had been deactivated without any explanation from the company.

Without having that account reinstated it means having to start over and gain all of those followers once more, as this is the place where many make all or a significant portion of their income.

This situation has happened to a variety of influencers over the years, with some able to have their accounts later reinstated while others haven’t been as lucky.

This is why some Instagram users might often set up backup accounts in an effort to plan for that situation ever taking place.

Scammers offer to ban people from Instagram

Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

For years now the restrictions surrounding social media platforms like Instagram and others have received a generous amount of criticism and questioning. From how they operate to how much of an impact they might have on society and young generations today, it hasn’t all been pretty.

Who knew that trying to ban people from Instagram might turn into a business?

But that is what it looks like for some now who are offering that service in the market.

Social media is big business and those pages with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers open account holders up to new monetization opportunities. Because of that high demand for certain usernames with those pages this also creates a business where some have taken to flipping Instagram accounts for profit.

As for those who do have their accounts deactivated it can cause a great deal of confusion. Especially when they see other people posting questionable content that seems to clearly go against the rules and standards set out by the platform.

Social Media Competition

Luckily for those who are looking to establish an online presence there are many options out there for competition with social media today. If you get deactivated from one or are having issues trying to navigate the rules, it might be an option to jump onto another platform that isn’t as complicated to satisfy.

Then again, for those who spend months or years trying to build up their brand it can be a huge loss to have to wake up to all of that having disappeared only for you to be forced to start over once more, with no explanation given as to what happened.

Now that people have seemingly established a way to get paid for banning people from the platform this is something that could contribute to make the problem worse and impacting more individual accounts.

For some in that market of trying to ban Instagram accounts for a free this is something that has become a full time job for them and some have admitted that they have made five figures from doing it.

Instagram has laid out instructions for people to utilize though if they fear that this might have happened to their account. But not everyone who attempts to have their Instagram account reinstated is going to be lucky enough to see that happen.

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