BC SPCA Set New Record For Animals Helped Last Year

Last year the BC SPCA set a new help record for animals in need around the province that they’ve offered assistance to.

In 2021 the BC SPCA helped more animals than they ever had before and on their site you can find photos of the different animals that they’ve rescued which are up for foster or adoption.

The BC SPCA last year alone was able to help thousands of animals around the province.

There are still many animals in need that they continue to provide resources for and there are many ways to support their efforts that might not look directly like giving out of your own pocket.

Spreading the word about this organization on social media can go a long way to spread awareness for the good that they are doing and for the animals who are still in need.

Multiple ways to give to animals in need

Whether it be giving donations, or sponsoring a kennel etc, there is more than one way to give to BC SPCA to help them help animals in the province.

With wildfires and floods contributing to a rise in that need for animal welfare assistance the BC SPCA was there to step up and be the solution that we so desperately need for those who are unable to help themselves.

The BC SPCA has been doing vital work for years around the province that helps to take care of cats, dogs, birds, pigs, and a wide range of other animals that need help.

Helping 118,917 domestic, wild, and farm animals in BC in 2021

The BC SPCA was able to help tens of thousands of animals in need, and this is tens of thousands of more animals than they had helped in the previous year.

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