Canadians for Clean Water Fundraiser Over $600k So Far

The Canadians for Clean Water GoFundMe is already over $600k so far and that is only after being created just a few days ago.

Canadians have come out showing their support for this cause and over 12,000 people have donated so far to the cause of bringing clean water to Indigenous communities around Canada.

Water Fundraiser for Clean Water in Canadian Indigenous Communities

Some Canadians have been drinking water under boil water advisories for decades and this has been an issue that politicians have tackled with for years, promising that they would address the problem of clean drinking water for Indigenous communities around the country.

This was one more effort to help from Canadians to try and take on the issue, with the creation of the recent water fundraiser to be launched. There are many who back the effort of bringing safe and reliable clean drinking water to those in need around Canada.

Restoring Clean Water to Indigenous Communities

At the end of the fundraiser for clean water the funds which have been collected are expected to be forwarded on to an organization that is tackling this problem around Canada.

That group is Water First.

Water First is an organization that works to train, educate, and inspire meaningful collaboration on this issue of clean and safe drinking water for those various communities in need.

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