BC Wedding Industry Left In The Dark On Reopening

We heard recently some changes that were made in BC to the reopening of gyms and other venues. But what about those in the wedding industry?

Event businesses are still struggling in the province and some have suggested that they feel overlooked because there is no clear roadmap yet for that reopening.

BC Wedding Industry Has Lost Millions Through COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has been hard for the wedding industry as it has for many others and throughout in dealing with those closures and restrictions. Overall, it is estimated that this industry has seen some loss in millions of dollars in revenue.

Those in the wedding and entertainment industry are left asking for that clear reopening plan. Those wedding industry and entertainment businesses are looking for a little bit of hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

Is there ever going to be a date they can look forward to stepping forward with that reopening?

BC Wedding Industry Still In The Dark

Photo by Emma Bauso on Pexels.com

With things warming up around BC that means wedding season is fast approaching. Will BC wedding venues be able to get back on track this year any?

For those businesses within the BC wedding industry industry right now they are are left wondering when they too might be given the green light to go ahead once more.

Some businesses in the wedding industry in BC have already posted to social media calling on the government for some response on that reopening plan for their industry.

When will restrictions on indoor gatherings be lifted?

BC small businesses in the wedding and entertainment space have voiced how they feel that they aren’t being heard right now and might be overlooked when they are left without any answers on when they might be able to move forward.

The pandemic related closures and restrictions have already caused the closures of many Canadian small businesses and continued closures and similar restrictions could mean BC losing even more small businesses down the line.

Updates coming in Feb 2022?

In Feb it is expected that those restrictions surrounding indoor social gatherings are going to be revisited for BC.

It isn’t known yet if those restrictions that are impacting the BC wedding industry and others might be extended still, or what the announcement might be at that time for the industry. It’s clear that there are some eager for that change though.

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