Taylor Swift Tribute Concert Coming in February to Vancouver

Through the fall last year there were a number of candlelight concerts that were held in the city and again you’ve got the chance to catch another amazing show with the upcoming Taylor Swift tribute concert.

Shows are put on by Fever and the candlelight events are concerts which are illuminated by candlelight and have songs performed by live musicians, coming together for an enchanting and memorable experience.

The candlelight Taylor Swift tribute concert is expecting to take place next month in Vancouver.

For this Taylor Swift tribute concert in Vancouver next month it will be a string quartet that will be performing those popular hits and it will be done in an intimate atmosphere with a stunning candlelight ambiance.

Find Tickets To Taylor Swift Candlelight Tribute Concert

You can look here to book tickets to the tribute shows for the Taylor Swift candlelight tribute concert in Vancouver which will be happening in February.

The Taylor Swift tribute candlelight shows are expected to take place on a Friday and the tickets will range from$40 to $50+ to attend the event.

The tribute concert event happening in Vancouver is expected to last about 65 minutes.

Where is the Taylor Swift candlelight tribute concert being held?

The Taylor Swift tribute concert in Vancouver will be at the Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church at 2733 West 41st Ave.


There are a number of songs expected to be featured as a part of this candlelight tribute Taylor Swift concert including hits like:

  • Shake It Off
  • You Belong With Me
  • Lover
  • Wildest Dream
  • Love Story
  • Blank Space
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  • All Too Well
  • Cardigan
  • Enchanted
  • I Knew You Were Trouble
  • Invisible String

Those Taylor Swift songs are what has been included for the tentative program for the upcoming tribute concert, with the first show coming at the beginning of next month.

Right now it looks like there are still a few tickets left to the tribute concert event but that could change quickly.

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