Survey Shows High Levels of Loneliness and Anxiety Among Canadians Today

A recent survey came out that showed levels of loneliness are at the highest levels with Canadians today. The pandemic has had an impact on millions of people in a negative way in some variety or another.

This isn’t the first survey of its kind to suggest that many not just in Canada but in the U.S. and elsewhere have been struggling more with loneliness or anxiety.

Rates of anxiety and depression, loneliness, these were seen to have increased around the world and impacted millions of people. And scientists and other professionals have been working to examine that impact and work on tracking that surge.

Rise in Meditation Apps

As more people were suddenly stuck at home not only did they have more time on their hands to fill with new activities, this might have brought them to try planting a garden or taking up yoga.

But many also turned to try and find something to help with that potential rise in anxiety that they were seeing too, this is evident from the boom in business for certain apps like Calm and others.

The pandemic seemed to fuel that increase in demand for Meditation apps and that was seen as a trend around the world in a number of places.

Getting More Active

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic people around B.C. have been encouraged to safely enjoy outdoor spaces, following those rules and guidelines in place for different activities and travel etc. As well, BC city committees around the Lower Mainland have encouraged Canadians to get out and get more active in walking in their communities.

There are a wide range of parks and lakes around the province to enjoy throughout the year. And as Spring approaches more people will be looking to get out and do just that, as those different camping and picnic spaces begin to open up once more.

Previous surveys have found that many Canadians agree that it is easier to stay indoors than it is to go outside even if they are aware of the potential value that embracing some outdoor activity might bring.


Togetherness in Community

Community is more important than ever for those who are missing their old routine and social groups, friend engagements, and how things were prior to the pandemic. For many there are still restrictions and changes to the way things used to be socially for them.

As we see more of a change going back to normal and restrictions eventually eased then we might also expect that there will be that return to normal of those gatherings and routines for many once more. Some regions are already seeing this.

Canadians aren’t the only ones feeling lonely as there are millions who have struggled with this throughout the pandemic, prior to, and who will coming after. Those struggles that people have gone through have demonstrated the vital connection that communities bring to so many, the value in togetherness with others in our communities, and how fragile it can all be.

Several years ago it was found that roughly 30% of Canadians might spend less than 5 minutes outside each day.

With the weather getting warmer and Spring approaching soon it is going to be easier for many to change that habit, and to look to get out and enjoy what beautiful spaces and activities BC has to offer.

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