Fundraiser Launched For Clean Drinking Water in Canadian Indigenous Communities

There has been an issue with drinking water in Indigenous communities for years. And this issue of clean drinking water in Canada is one that has impacted dozens of communities who lacked clean, safe, and reliable drinking water.

Trudeau has previously suggested that the situation had gone too far with the more than 100 different water boiling advisories that had been in place several years ago but still he is behind on that goal and it has been years without this issue being fully resolved yet.

Other political candidates have criticized Trudeau on those broken promises over drinking water conditions in various indigenous communities, asking why more hasn’t been done about it?

Still, there are communities that lack safe, reliable, and clean drinking water and for a country like Canada some say it’s unacceptable and has been going on for too long.

People Donating to Clean Water in Canada

Photo by Andreea Ch on

Just recently a GoFundMe was started to raise funds for the Freedom Convoy making its way across Canada and it didn’t take long for some to start wondering why not also raise funds for another problem, like drinking water around Canadian indigenous communities.

Over 3,000 donations to the fundraiser have been collected in less than a week, with thousands of dollars raised so far for clean drinking water in Canada.

Canadians are raising funds for clean drinking water for those living in indigenous communities in the country who lack reliable access.

They were able to raise over $700k for the cause.

The funds raised were intended to be donated to Water First which is an organization dedicated to this cause of supporting clean drinking water initiatives in Canada for indigenous communities with education, training, and more.

Canadians For Clean Water GoFundMe

No individual should be struggling for reliable, clean, and safe drinking water, and for too long many within those Indigenous communities in Canada have had to put up with it.

This initiative is just one small way that Canadians are listening now and trying to help directly to address the clean water issue.

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