More Canadians Looking Forward to 2022 Vacations

For many Canadians this year they are looking forward to a possible vacation and hundreds of thousands of Canadians have been traveling abroad despite fears of Omicron still keeping many inside and at home.

Planning ‘No Regrets’ Vacations

After lockdowns and changes of working from home, travel restrictions, and other pandemic difficulties, a number of Canadians want to plan a vacation this year.

Expedia has found that about 61% of Canadians are planning ‘no regrets‘ vacations and for some who were able to save money by not traveling for the last year or two now they are looking forward to doing that once again.

For many Canadians they are still waiting to feel safe once again to travel, for millions of others they are waiting for mandates and restrictions to end that might have prevented them as well from visiting family, friends, or taking a vacation.

As far as why Canadians might be traveling this year there are multiple motivations that have been given, from individual well-being, those looking for some new excitement after so much time at home perhaps, and those who are looking to get gratification and having something to look forward to, there are many motivating factors.

There are a variety of travel trends expecting this year including more trips being booked to tropical locations, European beaches, and other regions.


After restrictions, lockdowns, pandemic strain and difficulty, it is no surprise that many would want a change of pace and to look for something that offers a different atmosphere or rhythm.

It might be looking to unwind with an all-inclusive vacation at a tropical destination, or it might be doing some fun and exciting outdoors excursions overseas, maybe shopping in London. One thing is certain and that is that tourism industries around the world are needing that traffic and increase in business.

The tourism industry in Canada has lost millions through the pandemic and those who can plan staycations in Canada and vacations around the country are going to help bring that industry back to life once more.

Last year it seen that Canadians made millions of domestic trips around the country, more than 30 million trips were taken and we started to see some signs of life again in the tourism industry. Today there are still small BC businesses that are waiting and hoping to get back to seeing those numbers again and do even better than that.

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