Browsing Exotic Candy Stores for Valentine’s Day

Millions of dollars in chocolate and candy is going to be sold this year for Valentine’s Day as we see every year in Canada and around the world. Chocolate and candy are one of the most popular items for Valentine’s Day and there are a few obvious places that come to mind when thinking about where to load up on some chocolate goodies for the holiday. Then there are some other places to consider that might not be that obvious.

3. Mr. Munchies in Surrey

Mr Munchies is an exotic candy store that offers a wide range of chocolate and candy that you are not going to find in your usual corner store or department store candy section. These are exotic candy and chocolate snacks, among other items, that would make for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift or for any gift occasion. Find the popular exotic candy items like Hi-Chew, Dunkaroos, Rap Snacks, Pokemon themed sodas, and more.


2. Dank Mart in Vancouver

Dank Mart is located in Vancouver and they are also available through Uber Eats as well if you want to order exotic candy snacks from home. This is another exotic candy store in Vancouver that again would be the perfect location to go shopping for Valentine’s Day because of the wide range of unique gifts in the candy and chocolate arena that you can find here.

There are many snacks and goodies here perfect for Valentine’s Day that you are not going to find in many other places. That makes going to an exotic candy store like Dank Mart in Vancouver a great option for finding specialty gifts no matter what the occasion.


1. Ricardos Kandy Korner in White Rock


Ricardos Kandy Korner in White Rock is another great location to check out around Vancouver when you are looking for exotic candy and snacks. This location is right near White Rock Beach and they have a great variety of exotic snack options here.

Gift baskets, candy, chips, chocolate, there are a wide range of special items to discover at these unique exotic candy stores that have sprung up around BC recently. When shopping for the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration it makes the perfect time to come into one of these stores and see what exotic candy and other items they’re offering.

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