5 Of The Best Restaurants in Vancouver Near The Beach

There are several beaches around Vancouver that you might be visiting or looking to have lunch nearby. You are in luck with no shortage of great restaurants when it comes to dining by the ocean. From English Bay Beach to Kitsilano Beach and others around the Lower Mainland here are 10 of the best restaurants in Vancouver near the beach.

5. Cactus Club English Bay in Vancouver

Cactus Club English Bay in Vancouver is one of the best locations and one of the best restaurants to plan dinner as well. There are many delicious items on the menu and they are serving some of the best drinks you can find in the city too.

Try delicious food items at Cactus Club like truffle fries, yam fries, and other snack favorites, paired with some of the great cocktails featured on the Cactus Club, it’s the perfect place for a sunset dinner in Vancouver.

4. Hook Seabar on Denman

Hook Seabar that’s located on Denman in Vancouver is the perfect location if you want something by the beach. For casual seafood at a laid back restaurant this is a perfect pick. Find dishes like Westcoast chowder, crispy Brussels sprouts, popcorn shrimp, and crispy prawn baos.

This great seafood restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Vancouver and is the best location to plan a meal at when you want something by the beach.

3. The Boathouse in Kits

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The Boathouse is easily one of the best restaurants in Vancouver and to be found around BC. There are several Boathouse locations which makes it more convenient to find one in your area. And yes that means there is one in Kitsilano by the beach.

This is a beautiful waterfront restaurant in Vancouver near the beach that’s perfect to plan a meal with friends or family when the weather is nice out.

Not only is the food fantastic but you can find top drink options on the menu at The Boathouse as well. This also isn’t the only restaurant location for The Boathouse that is close to the water with great beach views either. Find Boathouse locations in other areas like Port Moody and White Rock too. The Boathouse is one of the best restaurants to celebrate any special occasion because of the quality you get in atmosphere, surrounding views, food, drinks, and service.

2. Beach Ave Bar and Grill

It’s all in the name for why you need to include this as one of the best restaurants in Vancouver when you want something with beach vibes. Located near the Burrard St bridge this location isn’t that far from several great summer spots near the water.

The Beach Ave Bar and Grill has got you covered for great food and scenery. This food stop is along Beach Ave in Vancouver and is one of the best spaces to eat at by the beach. It’s got a casual atmosphere that’s perfect for a beach day when the weather is nice out.

Best Vancouver brunch spot by the beach too? Again that would be Beach Ave Bar and Grill for a delicious brunch menu. For a brunch spot in Vancouver on the weekends this is where you should consider going. Find brunch food items like waffles with fruit, poached eggs, the breakfast burger and more.

via instagram.com/beachavebar/

1. LIFT Bar Grill

There is both indoor and heated covered patio dining here at LIFT in Vancouver.

You get a great location with this Vancouver restaurant by the water here, views of Stanley Park and the mountains. There are many great restaurants to be found around the Coal Harbour community and this is one of them that is the perfect location right by the water. The beach isn’t that far from here.

Cocktails, happy hour, great food, the best atmosphere and ocean views, when you want something near the beach because you are looking to be near the water then plan a date to LIFT in Vancouver. After a day at the beach in Stanley Park this might be the perfect location to have dinner and relax with some great sunset views of the city.


There are many things to consider when looking for the best restaurants in Vancouver and some of the best near the beach as well. There are several great beach locations to find around the Lower Mainland and that means top restaurants in the community right along with it like The Boathouse, Cactus Club, and many others.

Best Restaurants in Vancouver, BC

Is it view that makes it the best? Price? Quality of food? Service? All of the above? There is something for everyone and just about any taste or craving, with the vast selection of good restaurants in Vancouver that are available to choose from.

Around Vancouver there are a wide option for beach spaces to enjoy during the nice weather days and a bounty of restaurant options for a great summer meal.

These restaurants listed above are just some of the best ones to check out in the city when you want a restaurant near the beach in Vancouver. Look at their social media and more to see what they might be offering these days.

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