More Small Restaurants Closing Around BC

There are a number of small restaurants and other businesses that have already been lost through the pandemic in BC and around Canada. Still, a number of restaurants are suffering in communities all over the Lower Mainland and elsewhere.

Restaurants like Big Rock Brewery restaurant and taproom in Vancouver, Open Outcry, and the Pearl House in Burnaby, are a few of the names for some of the small business restaurants that have had to close in the province.

It seems that no matter what they did to try and pivot with the changing restrictions of the pandemic and trends in dining or staffing issues etc, among other reasons, they just couldn’t make it work.

The community is not better off when we lose those small businesses around the province and elsewhere. These are businesses that not only help to feed our communities but they bring jobs, a place for friends, families, and co-workers to gather and socialize etc, and they help to brighten up the food scene in the province altogether with the myriad of creative culinary dishes that get served at one spot or another.

Some of those small business restaurants have been a part of those neighborhoods around BC for many years now, even decades, and who knows how many more they might have stuck around if it weren’t for the difficulties that came with the pandemic.

For one of the popular events centered around small business and food this year, the Dine Out Vancouver Festival, it has said to have been less busy than usual this go around. It is suspected that the Dine Out Vancouver Festival might not be seeing as much traffic as fears of Omicron are suggested to still be keeping people from going out comfortably to more places for indoor dining.

For some small business restaurants in BC another issue that they have been having is customers making reservations for dinner and then not showing up and not cancelling their reservation for the table. This can cause those restaurants to lose money and leave that table empty for that time slot, during a time when so many are already struggling to get by.

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