Canadians Encouraged To Take Staycation and Get Paid For It With Staycation Credit Initiative

For Canadians in some regions like Ontario they will be able to access the opportunity to potentially get paid for taking a staycation, sort of.

More specifically, there is a credit that reportedly applies to local tourism support for overnight stays and this means that those Canadians who are planning a staycation can possibly take advantage of that.

The initiative was announced in November and it is something that small businesses celebrated as a move to try and fuel some much needed support for the tourism industry in the region. It enables Canadians to potentially receive a portion back for their money spent on accommodation for the staycation.

For the tourism industry in BC they too have lost a great deal throughout this pandemic ordeal. It’s estimated that the tourism industry in BC has lost billions in revenue, though they have received some funding from the government for relief.

Businesses throughout the BC tourism industry have been devastated by the fallout from COVID-19 and the loss of revenue that they have seen because of having to close down, operating with limited capacity, not seeing as many guests etc. It took its toll on the tourism industry not just in Ontario or BC but around the country.

Supporting the BC Tourism Industry

There are a variety of ways to go about supporting the BC tourism industry and planning a staycation is certainly one of them. By planning a staycation in Canada it gives people the chance to support local hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, taxi or Uber drivers etc, and all those connected to the market.

It isn’t just the direct hotels and cafes that will be supported either but those businesses also support other small businesses around the province as well that might deliver goods to them regularly to help keep their businesses running smoothly. Many are connected throughout the network and supporting small businesses by planning a Canadian staycation is a great place to get started.

Plan a staycation in your own city

Not only does planning a staycation in Canada give Canadians a chance to support small in an immediate way but it also gives individuals the chance to get out and learn something new about their neighborhoods or discover new communities nearby altogether.

While this opportunity might not be available to potentially get some money back for that staycation that they are taking it is out there for some and it is still a good idea to get out and support small in communities all around the nation. It might be ordering dinner, getting breakfast at a local small cafe, or booking a staycation for the weekend to relax in a new environment.

Multiple benefits can come from booking a staycation and getting that chance to unwind and Canada has many great places to do it, especially around British Columbia.

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