Event Businesses Still Struggling in BC

Some event businesses in the province are still struggling with COVID-19 related restrictions and some have suggested that they feel overlooked as other businesses have been encouraged to get back to running as usual when they still haven’t had the green light yet.

Just recently in BC there were a number of BC gyms and yoga studios that were posting across social media to raise awareness for closures and to advocate for gyms and other similar venues being important for the mental health of communities around the province.

Critics said that it was just a move by some for attention, but for many who shared their stories on social media it was about a lot more than a few likes on Twitter or Instagram.

Under the tags like #FreeBC and #OperationGreenLight you can find a variety of posts that had been shared by yoga studios, gyms, and other businesses in the province. Just recently there were some changes announced that those gyms could start to reopen but not everyone can go back to business just yet in the province.

You can find some in the event space for example that are calling for more consideration so that they can try to return to normal as well. For some of those businesses in BC in that space right now they feel overlooked as other venues have had the go ahead while they are still waiting for the rules to change.

Waiting To Get Back To Business

It is because of those restrictions on indoor gatherings and more that still remain that a number of businesses are still struggling and waiting to get back to normal.

Catering businesses, wedding businesses, and others in the event industry space for example, are still waiting to find out what might be in store for the future. This means a number of British Columbians aren’t back to their jobs in those spaces just yet as those restrictions keep those businesses operating under a certain limit until things can return more to normal.

A number of those within the industry for those event services have suggested that they know how to carry out their services safely and are urging for consideration so that they too can get back to business.

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