New Report Shows Job Vacancies for Nurses Soaring

Thousands of nurses around BC and Canada have lost their jobs because of mandates related to the pandemic and a new report from the International Council of Nurses suggests that right now job vacancies in this industry are soaring.

There is concern for those nurses being overworked who are still on the job and who have been working throughout the pandemic for an extensive amount of time already, coupled with the threat of not enough nurses to fill vacancies that are needed in the country.

More recently the state of the healthcare system continues to be questioned by Canadians who are looking to see why more hasn’t been done to prepare the system for this pandemic situation and other potential disasters that might come in the future. For years we have heard about issues with the healthcare system in Canada, whether it be a lack of funding or a lack of doctors etc.

Now we see that more Canadians today are demanding more funding and reform for the healthcare system.


Because of the issues with vacancies for nurses in Canada there are now plans to look internationally to help fill that void. The job vacancies that have been seen throughout the pandemic have been said by some to have only highlighted the crisis that there is such a shortage and this was a reality before thousands of nurses had recently lost their jobs in BC and elsewhere.

There are thousands of nurses in the province and around the country who are ready and who might have been willing to work and some wonder why those individuals cannot be given their jobs back to try and help fill that void and those vacancies that different regions are seeing.

One Of The Worst Nursing Shortages

It is said that right now the country is possibly headed toward one of the worst nursing shortages that the industry has seen, it might be a situation that can’t help but contribute to worsening the effectiveness of the healthcare system even further. Experts have suggested that the shortage might be something beyond expectations and what the province has experienced in the past.

There are said to be thousands of nursing vacancies in Ontario, hundreds around British Columbia and other regions of the country as well.

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