Our Food Supply And The Value Of Local Growing

There are many ways that local food suppliers bring great value to their families and to their communities. Now more than ever we are seeing how important those farmers are, the growers who are responsible for bringing the food that we eat to our tables.

The value in having local growers is something we might unfortunately take for granted, until the supply chain gets disrupted and we take a moment to finally reevaluate and recognize the vital role these growers play in the strength of our communities.

When the pandemic arrived we saw how fragile the system was, some faced empty shelves on certain items for days or weeks.

It would be months for many before they might start to see things return to ‘normal’ again at the store, whatever that was going to look like. And now some in Canada are worried again about supply chain issues because of rumors about how the trucking vaccination mandate might effect things overall, among other contributing factors that have contributed to weakening the supply chain lately.


More Local Growing On the Rise

Now more than ever more Canadians are starting to grow their own food. For a number of families they made that change because of the pandemic and wanting to have their own supply. For others it was that extra time where they wanted to fill it up with learning something new, so why not gardening?

One previous report found that during the pandemic about 1 in 5 Canadians started growing their own food at home.

It was just one of many activities that people looked to in order to stay active, engaged, do something new with the family, and be able to fill their time with something positive. Growing food at home is a great learning experience, can offer a valuable bonding experience with friends or family, and provides other benefits as well.

The close source of food is an obvious value to those growing, and those who can benefit from that growing such as customers in the community.

These growers are working to be able to supply what we need to order food from restaurants, to be able to cook from home, and to access fresh and quality food sources in a shorter amount of time. Our communities are going to be stronger when they have this diversity of growing in the supply chain, because we have seen how instant things can fall apart when you assume things are too big to fail.

There are many ways to support those local growers as well, without having to reach into your pocket. Sharing awareness of small growers is one way to help, and this can easily be done online. If you are looking to access fresh local food sources there are also a wide range of farmers markets that you can find around the province.


Not only did more Canadians start growing their own food but we also saw that some grocery stores also started growing a bit for themselves. You might notice that your grocery store is growing different herbs or vegetables in the produce section, this seems to be a growing trend around the world today.

These growing sources are going to give those stores one more option for supply of certain foods. This meaningful diversification of the food system brings more value to consumers by providing greater options. They might even be better options than they previously had.

There are many ways to grow, it doesn’t always require a lot of space to do it. And it can be a lot of fun along the way, especially educational for those of all ages who are looking to learn. There are multiple benefits to reap and no downside to embracing more growing and more diversity in the food supply for the benefit of our communities.

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