Truckers in Canada Protest Mandates and More

There has been some confusion lately about mandates for truckers traveling in Canada and it has sparked a lot of outrage with many across the country and elsewhere. Protests have been organized and many have taken to social media already to express their frustration.

Just recently, a number of truckers paraded their vehicles to protest federal vaccine rules, calling for an end to mandates and other restrictions.


The vaccine requirement for truckers is expected to have a negative impact on the supply chain in Canada that is already having difficulty with empty shelves and shortages.

It’s estimated that only 50%-60% of U.S. truckers are vaccinated.

Truck drivers are now going to be expected to show that vaccination proof when entering Canada and it is a move that has been criticized already by many, warning that there could be more empty shelves coming soon because of it.

For Canadian truckers returning they too have to show proof or still reportedly face quarantine and testing.


A number of posts can be found online of various trucks taking to the road to protest the changes and restrictions, and they’ve seen a great deal of support online from many who are concerned for their livelihoods and the state of the economy from what impact this might have overall.

This is a mandate that is reportedly expected to impact tens of thousands of U.S. and Canadian truck drivers. These controversial changes come at a time when the supply chain is already in crisis, having dealt with severe weather issues in BC this year and elsewhere.

A large number of truckers have taken to protesting this week and that line of protesters was reportedly several kilometers long.

Convoy Across Canada

There is also a protest that has been planned for a convoy across Canada as well and several Canadian truckers are already planning on taking part. Some of those BC truckers who are planning on protesting are looking to drive all the way from BC to Ottawa, being joined by others along the way.

With those delays and delivery issues that could also mean seeing higher prices on the shelves too with cost increases. This comes when Canadians and those in the U.S. are facing drastic levels of inflation and many are already struggling with the cost of living as it continues to rise.

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