Historic Flooding in BC Causes McDonald’s Supply Chain Disruption In Japan

The historic flooding that we had recently in BC caused a tremendous amount of damage around the province. It wasn’t only BC that had been impacted either by the flooding.

Other parts of Canada were also reportedly impacted, flooding fueled supply chain issues in Alberta as well. And now it looks like the damage might reach around the world, with the McDonald’s supply chain impacted over in Japan following the BC flooding.

The flooding in BC and issues with backlog and more at a Vancouver port meant that McDonald’s in Japan would soon see disruption in their deliveries to the point that they are now reportedly rotating portions for customers.

Rationing Fries in Japan Due to Supply Chain Issues

McDonald’s has said that they are trying to fix the problem. Until they can resolve the issue though customers can expect to see only one size of fries being served at the end of the month. Customers will only be able to get a small size for fries in Japan until things can return to normal.


The recent flooding in BC meant that roads were heavily impacted and destroyed in multiple regions, rail lines needed to be repaired, and the Vancouver Port reportedly descended into distress as a result.

In recent months we have seen backlogs build up at different shipping areas around the world, including the Port of Vancouver, even though it was reported that it hadn’t been directly affected by the historic BC flooding that we saw this year.

This means that other sizes of McDonald’s fries are going to be removed from thousands of locations around Japan because of the potatoes being in short supply. They’ve pointed the finger at the flooding in BC for contributing to this problem of fries at McDonald’s being rationed now.

Though they will be limiting the fries with rationing and only giving out one size it has been reported that so far the supply of hash browns hasn’t been similarly affected. To make sure that as many customers can get their fries as possible they are implementing that rationing and only giving out the small size.

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  1. Without a doubt, climate change is beginning to wreak havoc in various parts of the world. The floods in Canada or the wildfires in Australia are signs of what is to come. The recent tornadoes in the US can also be seen as an effect of these problems.


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