BC Open Net Pen Farmed Salmon Placed on Avoid Buying List by Seafood Watch

Seafood Watch has placed BC open net pen farmed salmon on the avoid buying list, along with other seafood products coming from other areas of the country.

On their report they state that due to the impacts of sea lice and disease transmission that these items are on the avoid list.
The majority of farmed salmon products have now been rated by the Seafood Watch program as something to avoid because of the concern for chemicals, disease, and other issues.

However, some have seen their ratings improve for salmon farming operations in certain regions.


It might come as a shock to many in BC that just recently the farmed salmon in this area has been reduced to an avoid label because of those concerns for disease or chemicals for open net pen farmed salmon, as well as impacts potentially to wild salmon.

Earlier this year we also saw some BC restaurants take salmon off of their menu over concerns related to the declining population. It has been a concern for years now that farmed fish might threaten the wild salmon population.

The market in BC has dealt with some forced closures of salmon farms and authorities have been busy working on illegal fishing activity on the Fraser River in the province too.

There are a variety of concerns for this industry as well as a great deal of support for the wellness of the fish population in the region too.

Today salmon is still the most popular fish in the United States and Canadians love it too but previous research has suggested that many might be concerned about its cost and misinformed about production of the product as well.

From navigating farmed salmon to genetically modified salmon, or looking for other distinguishing factors in products, there are multiple reasons why other more sustainable seafood choices are being promoted around the world today.

Those sustainable food choices are being promoted not only as an alternative food source but also as a creative solution to try and restore the ocean as well.

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