Uber Gets Denied Application To Expand in BC

Uber is trying to expand services to other parts of the province but just recently they were denied their application by the B.C. transportation board. Uber wants to operate in the interior and around Vancouver Island but that isn’t going to be happening anytime soon.

The City of Kelowna has responded since the news broke and said that it was disappointing because they were in support of Uber and any ridesharing company that wants to operate in the region.

When there are more options in the market it is the customer who wins.

For people around BC who need a ride they are going to benefit by having more opportunities for where they can call to get a ride. Embracing ridesharing means bringing in more competition in the way of price and service, this can help to increase the standard of living for many and provide more jobs too.


Diversify Transportation Services

Uber and other ridesharing companies in Canada are helping to diversify the ridesharing services in the market. When we hear criticism coming in from their competitors in the market about how unnecessary any new competition is, it’s clear that those parties would have an obvious financial interest to work to keep others out.

The people around BC should have the freedom and be able to vote for what transportation services they want and value most. Individuals in the market can vote for those services that they want to support and their actions show this each time they are choosing to take a ride with that company.

Instead, when companies like Uber are denied that freedom to operate in the market then the people of BC are denied that chance to choose for themselves.

In a variety of circumstances ridesharing has proven to be easier for many and more affordable as a way to get around, this is what has helped to fuel the support and demand for Uber in major cities around the world today.

– Affordability

– Wait Times

– Payment Methods

These are just some of the reasons that people cite for turning to ridesharing like Uber in Vancouver and other options in the transportation market around the world today. The app and technology work well so much that customers prefer this option when booking a ride for themselves or someone who they know.

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

British Columbians could benefit from transportation freedom in a variety of ways. Having more options for getting a ride in the market can be valuable because it brings more jobs to the economy and more alternatives for transportation services to the millions of people in the province.

Whether getting your elderly grandma to the hospital for an appointment, or taking a ride home after celebrating for the New Year and having a few drinks, ridesharing offers more options for travel to British Columbians and that shouldn’t be a bad thing.

The Freedom To Book A Ride

When British Columbians have more options for travel and transportation services like Uber and other ridesharing companies then they benefit with an improved standard of living. This is because those new options for travel can offer more convenient, affordable, and desired transportation services, to those in the province who want it.

There are already some transportation services like Uber operating in Vancouver but they had been looking to expand elsewhere. For now Uber will be reviewing that rejection and it isn’t clear what the path forward might look like for now.

City officials in other areas of BC like Kelowna have reiterated that many airports around the world offer these ridesharing transportation services and those airports around BC that don’t are held back from how they can serve their customers by this refusal for Uber to expand in the province.

Having more options in transportation for Canadians to get a safe ride home is in the interest of every community around the province and country, because of the value and diversification that these services provide to meet our transportation needs.

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  1. One question that needs to be addressed is where does the money go. Do local taxi firms and their employees spend that money in the local economy and do apps like Uber siphon off money to a foreign corporation? Something that I have often asked myself but have not followed up on.


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