Coquihalla Opening Early After Historic BC Flooding

The recent historic flooding that took place in British Columbia had a great impact on communities around the province. There were many evacuations, homes destroyed, and some who lost their lives as well. We saw supply chain issues come about as a result, for a supply chain that was already struggling because of the pandemic, and gas restrictions went into effect.

Now those gas restrictions in BC have been lifted recently. And it looks like the highway is going to be open earlier than expected after crews have been working hard around the clock to get things back to normal for us.


BC Highway Reopening Dec 20

On Monday it is expected that the highway will reopen to some extent for commercial vehicles and buses. This reopening for the highway in BC comes well ahead of the expectation that we might not have seen it reopen until next year.

Emergency crews working on the task have been working hard and around the clock to make sure that communities in BC can soon reconnect and get back to business, reopening before the Christmas holiday.

The reopening on Dec 20th for the Coquihalla Highway is expected to be open for commercial vehicles and inter-city buses. For now we aren’t clear when it might reopen to full traffic.

Right now those in BC are being warned against traveling because of road conditions and concerns over COVID-19/Omicron.

There are still heavily damaged locations along the Coquihalla Highway that crews are busy working on. It’s also been reported that there will be some issues with power along the highway so there will be limited lighting available for travel in that area because of this, and you can expect to see reduced speeds for safety.

Priority To Get Trucks Moving Again on Coquihalla Highway

Officials have credited remarkable engineering feats with making this all possible in being able to get the Coquihalla Highway open again to reestablish that travel.

At first it wasn’t expected that they might reach this level of progress until early in the New Year but now British Columbians have a chance to again access those communities before the Christmas holiday now that things are reopening soon. The project of getting these areas reopened around the province after flooding has taken the work of hundreds of individuals using over 200 pieces of heavy machinery to get the job done.

The main priority after the flooding this year has been to get the supply chains operational again by working on those more than a dozen sites around the province where road lanes were completely wiped out. As for the exact time that this traffic might start flowing again on that day they are still determining that.

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