BC Liquor Stores Back With Share a Bear Holiday Program

BC Liquor Stores have come back with their annual Share A Bear program that offers a chance to pay it forward when you purchase a bear from a BC Liquor store location.

For $15 Give The Gift of a Bear

With the $15 you get to buy a bear to take home and one bear is also donated to a shelter, or hospital, that can help to spread some cheer this holiday season and brighten up Christmas for a child.

Giving Away Bears For Decades

The Share a Bear program through BC Liquor has been going on for years and helping to spread cheer during the holiday season to children around the province.

Thousands of teddy bears have been donated as a part of the Share a Bear program that BC Liquor launched many years ago and it has seen tremendous community support and this year there is the chance once again to get involved.


How to Do Share a Bear Holiday Program

If you want to take part in the Share a Bear holiday program all you need to do is visit a BC Liquor store location and purchase a $15 bear that you can take home, one then gets donated later on. Head on into your local BC Liquor location to find out more about this program.

This program is the perfect opportunity for people around BC to do a little good during the holiday season. There is a lot of convenience with this program because many people will be visiting BC Liquor stores throughout the holiday season anyways to stock up on supplies for their dinners or to get gifts for others.

The Share a Bear program gives British Columbians a way to easily gift to someone else in the community during the holiday season and also get to take a bear home with them to remember the occasion or gift that as well to someone else.

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