Still No Answers in Death of Trina Hunt

Trina Hunt was reported missing in Jan of this year and still we aren’t closer to any answers about what happened to this homicide victim.

Just recently, her family and friends held a candlelight vigil in Port Moody at Rocky Point Park to raise awareness for gender based violence and to coincide with the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women.

Still Searching For Answers

Since Trina lost her life there has been a huge outpouring of support from around BC and other parts of the world from those who are eager to help seek justice for Trina Hunt.

Her family is still working to keep her memory alive and they’ve signaled that they will not stop and that they will carry on spreading the message.

Previously, Hunt’s family had offered a reward up to $50k for information that might help to lead to an arrest.

via The Vancouver Sun

Posters have been seen around the province detailing the case information and later to announce the reward, and still we have no more closure for this incident and don’t know what happened still to Trina Hunt.

It’s reported that Trina’s husband had been the one to report her missing from her home in Jan of this year. After she had been reported missing we found out that her body was later discovered in Hope, BC around late March.

For now there isn’t anyone who has been arrested or charged in the homicide of Trina Hunt.

Speaking at the recent Port Moody vigil the family expressed their sadness and questions they still had about why someone would take their daughter away from them for no apparent reason.

How did this woman go missing from the Tri-City region and end up in Hope, BC? We still do not have those answers.

Loved ones and others are still waiting for justice in this case. Investigators say that they’ve received many calls and comments from the public about this case, there are many who are still waiting for answers along with Trina Hunt’s family.

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  1. It is very unfortunate to read cases like this. That a person is murdered and that the authorities do not find the guilty, one feels powerless when seeing how the criminal can go unpunished. I have already read several cases of murders in this same situation. Good point your article. A hug
    Manuel Angel


  2. Really, Husband and wife go to campground in Silver Creek on a Saturday. Wife goes missing on Monday (3 days later). Wife’s body found in the same area in Silver Creek that Husband and wife visited on the saturday before she went missing. Husband never helped in search (that we know of), husband never pleaded for wifes return during her “missing” stage……Am I missing something here?


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