Searching For Unique Christmas Ornaments This Holiday Season

Trying to find some unique Christmas gifts this holiday season might be on your list. And around Vancouver there are a variety of places to go searching to discover some great ornaments. I have been searching around town to find some new pieces for our tree and also to gift to others this season.

Christmas ornaments can make a great gift and those ornaments are something that can be enjoyed each year during the holidays for years to come by friends and family. Around Vancouver there are many places to go looking for unique Christmas ornaments and holiday items.

There is no shortage of Christmas events going on around town these days, light displays, food markets, and good opportunities to find unique Christmas ornaments.

It might be stores specifically catering to ornament shopping, or a small section in a bigger retailer, handcrafted pieces at the market, there are a variety of places to go looking if you want to get started and find something special. Here is a list of the best places in Vancouver to find unique Christmas gifts for the holiday with some of the most beautiful unique Christmas ornaments to discover.


1. The Vancouver Christmas Market

The Vancouver Christmas Market rolls around during this time of bring year and brings a magical festive market experience that is one of the most popular attractions during the holidays to attend. The Vancouver Christmas Market is one of the best markets to search for holiday goods in Vancouver.

Not only is the Vancouver Christmas Market great for the food scene but also for the shopping too. You can find some great Christmas items here and some of the best holiday ornaments in Vancouver. Go for the family time, shopping, food, lights, at the Vancouver Christmas Market you can embrace all of those festive vibes and discover one of the best Christmas markets in the province.


2. The Cross in Yaletown

The Cross is a special place in Yaletown to explore for great ornaments. At The Cross you can find some truly beautiful stunning and unique Christmas ornaments that would be great for gifting or adding to your own tree to enjoy for years to come. The Cross is a charming decor and design shop in Yaletown that offers a great variety for holiday ornaments.

At The Cross in Yaletown Vancouver you can browse to find things like festive wreaths, flower vase options, candles, coasters, and also discover some quality ornaments too. There are beautiful ornaments here that will truly satisfy for when you are looking to find unique Christmas ornaments that might be out there.

See more here on their social media to see what they offer in unique Christmas gifts and more for the holiday season.

Photo by Jill Wellington on

3. Potters Garden Centre Nursery & Christmas Store


Potters is one of the top stores to go visit during the holiday season. Why? Because it has all of the festive vibes that you are looking for. Get transported into a winter wonderland and find some truly incredible holiday ornaments and other finds. Potters is the place to go when you want unique Christmas gifts and some of the best decor for the holiday season.

Potters Garden Centre and Nursery Christmas Store is about an hour drive from Vancouver to get to the store but it is worth it. Potters in Surrey is known as Western Canada’s largest Christmas store and will not let you down if you are looking for great Christmas ornaments and décor.

See their social media here for more on Christmas ornaments and other things they have going on at the store. This is the top spot around Vancouver that offers fantastic Christmas ornaments when you want something unique and special to remember the season or your trip to BC. Gift them to yourself or others, Christmas ornaments truly make a great gift idea for just about anyone.

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